Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Mornington Peninsula

Regain control of your thoughts and feelings and  enjoy life again with hypnotherapy for anxiety on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our one-on-one tailored hypnotherapy program is designed to remove the triggers associated with anxiety so your anxious mind can finally find peace! 

Anxiety can range from a feeling of general uneasiness to fear and intense panic attacks. To many people it seems like it comes out of nowhere, a state of complete disconnect between mind and body, causing helplessness and overwhelm.

Anxiety is a response to our brain’s hardwired need to protect us, very similar to a seatbelt that keeps us safe when we drive. However, sometimes the seat belt stays on and keeps holding us tight even if we want to get out of the car. Therefore, anxiety can serve a purpose but only when we can release it when we want to.

Statistics show that 14% of adult Australians are affected by an anxiety disorder.  As alarming as this sounds, you don’t need to live with anxiety.  Anxiety is a learned response to stress – and because it is learned, it can be unlearned with hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Causes for Anxiety

External Causes for Anxiety

Anxiety can be triggered by our environment or relationships, for example work pressure and deadlines, financial pressure, family life, etc

Internal Causes for Anxiety

Many of our past beliefs or habits influence the way we feel, behave and respond to a stressful situation. We tend to catastrophise past or future events and convince ourselves that something is far worse than it really is.

In addition, anxious feelings arise due to negative self talk, feeling of “not good enough” or being our worst inner critic (cause of social anxiety).

Unhealthy Coping Strategies for Anxiety

To alleviate stress and feeling anxious, people may turn to smoking, drinking, drugs, overeating, gambling, avoiding social interactions ,etc.

What is more, if left untreated anxiety can develop into depression or phobias which can severely debilitate a person’s life.

If the feeling of anxiety is extreme, it is constant and starts to interfere with your everyday life, then you may be dealing with an anxiety disorder.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Mornington Peninsula
can help with the following anxiety disorders:

For some people, the anxiety disorder manifests as a defence mechanism for a subconscious conflict or a reaction to stress.

For others, the  root cause of the condition is some kind of trauma found in early childhood. 

Whatever the reason, hypnotherapy is the best therapy for anxiety and depression as it successfully resolves the client’s trauma at a subconscious level. Furthermore, Christine’s hypnotherapy for anxiety Mornington Pesninsula service can help the client overcome their fears and grow a healthy self esteem.

Genearalised Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious most of the time? Do you have a sense of unease or feel as if your life is out of your hands?

Through a combination of hypnotherapy for stress and counselling, Christine can identify the root cause for your anxiety and help you subconsciously retrain your brain to allow yourself to enjoy life again! By directly interacting with the subconscious, her hypnotherapy for anxiety Mornington Peninsula service can change your perception of stressful events and replace the associated anxious feelings with inner peace and calm. Within four to six hypnosis sessions with Christine, you will be able to face challenges and deal with situations that would have otherwise left you feeling overwhelmed.

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks are usually unforeseen which makes them extremely stressful to the person experiencing them. The symptoms of an anxiety attack include shortness of breath, hyperventilation, shaking, numbness, racing heart, sweating, intense fear of having a heart attack, losing control. Often the fear of having another panic attack begins a repeated cycle where feelings of anxiousness “trigger having anxiety”.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help eliminate the anxious ”out of control” feelings and replace them with feelings of calm and control. Through hypnosis for panic attacks our anxious and stressed mind is finally given the chance to relax deeply and easily.

Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

People with social anxiety experience extreme fear when talking to people, meeting new people or attending social gatherings. Their persistent fear of being disapproved off or judged by others may cause blushing, nausea, excessive sweating, difficulty speaking, rapid heart rate. Although they fully understand that their fears are irrational, they feel powerless to overcome them.

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety can help you develop techniques to counteract the negative thinking . Through hypnosis  you can finally tame the inner critic, overcome social anxiety and even find social situations an enjoyable experience!

hypnotherapy for anxiety mornington peninsula

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Success Stories

In Christine’s professional care, I felt safe, supported and heard. She guided me gently with skill to look at my core beliefs in a kind, empathetic manner. I now have tools and techniques to support me moving forward in a positive and compassionate way. Christine facilitated in bringing positive healing and transformation for me to ‘feel my feelings’ and enjoy life; in the only moment that matters:
Thank you
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Leonie Maher
Mornington, Mornington Peninsula
The Inner child workshop was life changing! At the start of the day, my little girl was on the outside afraid to come close, by the end of the day, she was back within and we walked out together holding hands. The love support and acceptance for everyone in the group was immense. To be open honest and venerable was a challenge, however it was worth it to have my inner child back with me again. Well, there are no words other then, Thank you from us both,
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Tenzin Kazz
Mount Eliza, Mornington Peninsula
Christine you have a kind and gentle manner, I felt safe with you during our session. You have an amazing ability to ask the most perfect questions. Throughout my whole life, I have felt uncomfortable spending money on myself and feeling worthy of having it. With Hypnotherapy you have assisted me to change my limiting beliefs and to live an abundant life. I am appreciative and grateful.
Thank you

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Carolyn Marshall
Frankston South, Mornington Peninsula
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