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Release the wounds of the past to thrive in life today through inner child healing Mornington Peninsula!

“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.” ~Steve Maraboli

What is Inner Child Healing Mornington Peninsula?

Have you ever considered why you can’t move forward?

Have you ever wondered why you sabotage yourself?

Have you questioned why you feel anxious, depressed and self-critical so easily?

Each of us carries within an inner child that was once wounded.

The majority of us have experienced to some degree fear, hurt or trauma as a child that were too much to cope with at the time. Unless resolved and released, the resulting pain can still be impacting our day to day life in ways we don’t fully realise.

Inner child work is a crucial part of soul healing. Inner child therapy reconnects us with the unhealed wounded child within to discover the reason for many of our fears, insecurities and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Through inner child hypnotherapy we can access the core of the pain and reveal when the fear, belief or behaviour was first formed. The purpose of inner child hypnosis is to repair those wounds so we can respond to challenges in our adult life as an adult, rather than the hurt child we once were.

Parenting Your Inner Child

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is a little child within us who needs love and acceptance.

If you’re a woman, no matter how self-reliant you are, you have a little girl who’s very tender and needs help.

If you’re a man, no matter how macho you are, you still have a little boy inside who craves warmth and affection.” ~

Louise Hay

There is a parent inside each of us as well as a child. If we listen closely to our inner dialogue, we can often hear the parent scolding the child for doing something wrong or being not good enough. In order to heal, we need to allow the parent to become more nurturing to the child.

Inner child healing Mornington Peninsula is about linking your adult self to the child self, allowing the child to feel safe and secure. The adult self becomes the parent who reassures the child that he/she is loved, heard, valued and respected.

Inner child healing work starts from acknowledging, accepting and beginning the ongoing process of re-parenting your inner child.

Why is Inner Child Healing Mornington Peninsula Important?

Have you ever been in a room filled with family and friends and still feel sadness and disconnection, that you cannot explain?

Are you screaming on the inside and trying to fake a smile on the outside?

This maybe your wounded inner child looking for attention and healing.

If you experienced trauma as a child that left you feeling neglected, abandoned, betrayed or abused, then reconnecting with your inner child can help you heal and release the emotional pain.

As we become adults, those emotions do not automatically resolve themselves and can transform into destructive behaviors. Unless we do the work to heal them, our inner child wounds can influence how we make choices, respond to challenges and can affect our relationships.

On the other hand, healing the inner child wounds can unlock our inner curiosity, adventure and creativity to be able to express ourselves more authentically.

Ways to Heal your inner child:

1. Accepting Your Inner Child

In order to make ourselves whole, we need to accept every part of who we once were – the part that was funny looking, the part that was scared, the part that was foolish and silly. We need  to own and honour the child we once were, in order to LOVE the person, we desire to be.

2. Loving Your Inner Child

Love is the greatest healing power. “No matter how painful our early childhood was, loving our inner child now will help us heal our inner self. Love can heal the most painful memories because it brings the light of understanding to the darkest corners of our mind.”- Louise Hay

3. Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

Adulthood certainly comes with plenty of responsibilities.

It’s no surprise that a UCLA study documented that on average:

Bringing back the joys of childhood is an important part of our good emotional health. Reconnecting with our childlike happiness can help heal the pain of not receiving the support we needed as a child.

4. Feeling Your Feelings

Emotions are energy:

E-motion = energy in motion.

That is why emotions are meant to flow, not be suppressed.

Many of us are carrying around repressed pain, trauma, shame and anger from our childhoods, whether it was 20 or 50 years ago. This grief is present even in those of us who come from a relatively healthy family.

The only effective, long term way to release the stored emotional energy from our childhoods is to validate the wounds which we suffered as children. The process of validating our inner child’s feelings is vital to loving ourselves and changing our behaviour patterns and attitudes in our healing transformation.

5. Inner Child Healing Hypnotherapy

To fully heal the wounded inner child, you may need the help of a hypnotherapist who can help you on a subconscious level release and heal the childhood trauma.

Through gentle guided hypnotherapy, Christine Dinas will take you back to the moment when yourself love and confidence first became eroded so you can identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back now. What is more, she will help you energetically release the feelings from the past that no longer serve you and help you achieve emotional balance.


inner child healing mornington peninsula

Are you ready to Improve Your Mental Being and Your Relationships?

If our needs for love, recognition, praise and other forms of emotional support were neglected in our childhood, the resulting pain carries through into our adult life.

However, it’s never too late to heal. By learning to nurture our inner child, we can acknowledge these needs, learn to express emotions in a healthy way and increase self-care and self-love. 

**Inner Child Healing Hypnotherapy sessions available online via Zoom Australia wide.

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Success Stories

The Inner child healing Mornington Peninsula workshop was life changing! At the start of the day, my little girl was on the outside afraid to come close, by the end of the day, she was back within and we walked out together holding hands. The love support and acceptance for everyone in the group was immense. To be open honest and venerable was a challenge, however it was worth it to have my inner child back with me again. Well, there are no words other then, Thank you from us both,
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Tenzin Kazz
Mount Eliza, Mornington Peninsula
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